There are over 25 products that we produce on our presses but here is a glimpse of the ones that we get the most inquiries for:

Annual Reports

A Public Listed Company is one whose shares are traded on the stock exchange and in which members of the public become shareholders. It is the statutory responsibility of these companies to convey the financial transactions of the previous year to its shareholders through a printed copy of a book called the Annual Report. We can proudly say that we have put together the Annual reports for over 500 companies to date, from start to finish, and on most occasions in record time!

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Brochures are a representation of a company’s products and dreams. Companies try to recreate the experience of having a sales person sitting next to the customer and explain the positives associated with each of the products in their portfolio. Long after a sales person has left, it is the brochure that continues to leave an impact of the brand on the customer.

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Although most people tend to check the date with a quick press of the home button on their phone, there is still a large portion of our population that enjoys the charm of seeing a calendar on their desk or hanging on the wall. And we specialise in making these calendars for many of our clients and ensuring their customers enjoy the visual of the calendar all year long.

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Children's books

We have a responsibility to children. And that is to create lasting memories for them in their early years. One of the important tools used to create pleasant memories is books. Not just do books help develop the cognitive part of children’s brains, it also serves as an excellent pastime for them as against spending time on their electronic devices.

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Coffee table books

Memories can be captured in the form of beautiful pictures. Or with wonderful words. Or better yet, a combination of breathtaking images and thoughtful words. That is when you get a Coffee Table book. And we love the experience of putting together these coffee table books for you.

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When the need of the hour is to get a quick message across and for it to be done in an economical manner, it is the flyer that comes to the rescue. Quick to print. Quick to distribute. Quick to read. And definitely quick to make an impact.

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